IFX Soccer Mexico Scouting Camp 2017 has been a big success.


It is the first time that IFX arrives Mexico and for sure it was not the last one. Mexico Scouting Camp 2017 has been a complete success. 3 dates, 3 different cities: Guadalajara, Monterrey and Ciudad de Mexico welcomed IFX´s representatives who next to Icon Star Mexico and Mexico Scouting Camp´s promoters scouted aspiring young talented soccer players between 18 and 23 years old to select the winner of IFX Pro Year Germany Scholarship.

IFX Pro Year Germany is a program which enables competitive players over the age of 18 the opportunity to play for a German semi-professional/Amateur club for one full or one half season and immerse him within a challenging football environment that allows tremendous opportunity not just to develop his technic and skills, he also could catapult his career in Europe.


Next to Prof. Marco Fabían (father of Marco Fabian – player for Eintracht Frankfurt and Mexican National Team player) the IFX´s President Michael Carlson chosen to the winner of this prestigious full scholarship. The winner met all the requirements that representatives were seeking. He is a very skillful player and the most important he has a strong character.

Principally, the creativeness of Mexican soccer players during the scouting camp caught everyone´s attention. Into our program, the winner of the scholarship will be able to complement his special game style with high intensity soccer training routines into a German club from our soccer network, so that his vision of game and soccer level could increase enormously along the academic year that he´ll be training abroad.

Finally, the winner was Adrián Rodríguez Cruz, who not just was so excited with the new, also manifested that he will go to give it all in Germany to showcase why he was selected. A big challenge has already started for Adrián. Wish you our best! Here we share an overview about what was our last journey to Mexico for Mexico Scouting Camp 2017.

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