Tyriq Umrani & Logan Stanley hit the list of IFX Soccer players signed by SV Gutenstetten


IFX Transfer News: Umrani and Stanley to play football in Europe

It is official! representatives of SVG Steinachgrund and IFX Soccer in Germany agreed on the transfer of Tyriq Umrani (19) and Logan Stanley (18) to play for the 2021-22 season with Gutenstetten. Tyriq Umrani a native of Columbia, arrived to Germany through our Pro 30 Day program and former Pride Soccer club player, Logan Stanley, is a semester player in our Pro Year Germany program. After a couple of weeks of training with different German soccer clubs in Nürnberg area, Tyriq was offered the opportunity to sign for the SVG first team lead by head coach Norbert Nein. Logan Stanley earned himself a spot with their U23 team under the command of the experienced Wolfgang Wirth. With these additions the yellow-blues of Gutenstetten finished the strengthening of their roster which will hopefully prove to be fruitful in their pursuit of the league championship.

"I signed up for the 30 day process expecting to get some experience playing overseas. I had always wanted to come to Europe and play. When I first arrived, my roommates were very welcoming. I had a great group of guys to live with. The training throughout the week was never the same, since we had a different coach for each day. Training with the teams I was put with was a different experience in itself. The speed of play was faster, the players were stronger, and the intensity was higher. With Gutenstetten, I had performed well that practice and I was invited back by the coach to play again the next week. Around the end of the 30 day program IFX had told me that the coach was interested in having me on the team. I talked with my parents about the year long process and they agreed to me staying. Now I have signed with SVG and I plan on making an impact on this team" Tyriq stated.


SVG Steinachgrund is a long term IFX Soccer partner club in Germany and has a solid tradition of developing talented footballers for the local and European soccer market. Their highly competitive teams are a perfect bridge between youth and men’s soccer providing players with a great springboard to play in higher class international soccer leagues.

"SVG has been great, I love the mentality the players and the coaches have had at every practice. They take fussball seriously and every practice they put an emphasis on working hard, getting better, and enjoying fussball which I love. The coaching staff has been very professional and the players have been very enjoyable to be around. The team’s gotten off to a rocky start being 0-3 but our expectations for the season are to take advantage of our opportunities and take care of business when we’re expected to. We look to turn this season around and start winning games while playing good fussball" Logan stated.

Tyriq and Logan are happy to don the yellow-blue jersey, this season. Both demonstrated high performance and commitment during IFX morning training sessions which brought them the opportunity to tryout for Steinachgrund. It won’t be an easy task to become a part of the starting eleven but the work ethic and optimism shown so far, will serve to be invaluable towards making an impact this season.

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