Here at International Futbol X-Change (IFX) we love to share stories of our players and their activities abroad. We also like to keep track of the big boys, or professional players, in the world’s top leagues. Let’s have a look at English Premier League (EPL) this season 2012-13.

At the mid-point of the season, or 16 games in, the perennial favorite, Manchester United (ManU), leads 2nd place Manchester City (ManCity) at the top of the table. On Sunday, ManU pulled off a huge 3-2 win over Man City in the classic “derby” to go 6 points ahead and 1 ahead in goal differential. Last year ManCity won the league title over ManU only on goal differential. This year ManCity will have a tough time catching ManU after this devastating home loss.

A quick summary of the game starts with two impressive, accurate goals by living legend Wayne Rooney of ManU. Although ManCity had been controlling the ball most of the first half, Rooney capitalized on ManU’s few opportunities. ManCity looked down early in the second until Balotelli was subbed out for Tevez to liven up the team. ManCity sprang back to life and Yaya Toure smoothly placed in a goal off of a Tevez pass to cut the lead to 2-1. Then in the 86th minute with not much time to spare, ManCity defender Zabaleta crushed a goal in the box into the back of the net for a late game 2-2 tie. ManCity continued the pressure but a shot from Silva glanced off the keeper and the post. As if scripted by ManU coach Sir Alex Ferguson himself, ManU was awarded a free kick just outside the box on the right side. Dutch sharp shooter Robin Van Persie took a wicked strike. The ball slightly deflected off the outstretched leg of ManCity’s Nasri to put the ball past keeper Joe Hart in the 92nd minute of action. What a finish! The game ended on a sour note with some negative fan interaction toward ManU’s players. Overall it was another great battle played out in one of the league’s top rivalries. The two Manchester sides will battle it out again on April 6, 2013 at Old Trattford, ManU’s home stadium.

The EPL table rounds out with Chelsea, Everton, and Tottenham in the coveted 3, 4, and 5 slots, which keep teams in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League for next season. American stars Tim Howard for Everton and Clint Dempsey of Tottenham have had good seasons for their top flight clubs.

-Bourke MacDonald, IFX Blogger

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