How to Get Better at Soccer by Yourself?


It is a fact that quarantine has stopped many of our plans in the first half of the year. Suddenly we saw how soccer academies closed their doors, soccer teams stopped programming training sessions and all sporting events were cancelled. As a soccer player, not having access to train with your teammates on a proper field for sure will bring consequences when everything gets back to action. We from IFX Soccer would like to share with our community some of the best tips of How To Get Better At Soccer By Yourself while we go through these challenging times.

Challenging times does not mean the end; quite the opposite. Challenging times will bring the best of our creativity and give us an opportunity to rethink whether we have traced our path correctly or whether we need to adjust some pieces. For elite soccer players there can be success without a holistic approach; thus, we will focus on the physical, technical and phycological field in this blog.

How to get better at soccer Physically?


Stretching is an extremely crucial aspect of football/soccer. A correct warm-up that includes dynamic stretching is a must. Once you finish with your solo training you must perform a static stretching routine that ensures that the muscles you stressed during the training move through the full range of motion when they are warm and relaxed. You can build your own stretching list for dynamic stretching imitating the movements you do when play soccer - shooting, head to ball, dribbling - but be sure to include within static stretching: Hip Flexors and Psoas Stretch, Standing Quad Stretch, Standing Calf Stretch, Lying piriformis Stretch, Seated Groin and Inner Thigh Stretch, Hip and Lower Back Stretch, Iliotibial Band Stretch, Achilles Tendon Heel Stretch and Seated Hamstring Stretch


Did you know that an elite soccer player averages about 7.5 miles per game? And can go up to as high as 9.5 miles per game? Games last 90 minutes, you have a large field and the ball is constantly in motion.  If you want to live up to the challenge and not be overcome by your rivals you will need more endurance than them. In the current situation running on a treadmill could be the best answer but if you don’t have access to one, try clearing out an area large enough to allow you to run in place. The lucky ones with big backyards are blessed to recreate their own mini pitch.


Not because you will look like Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating a goal without jersey, you need to work on your core muscles. Core exercises strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscle, back muscle and the muscle around the pelvis. Strong core muscles in soccer players make it easier to endure all the physical stress they undergo during 90 minutes and reduce the possibility of other injuries. The best part of this tip is that it is free. You just need to lie down and start to tighten your abdominal muscle. Some exercises to achieve a strong core that we could recommend are: V-Ups, Planks, Lunges, Split squat jumps and of course the classic abdominal crunch.

How to get better at soccer Technically?


Gaining comfort with the soccer ball at a young age is the quickest path to a successful soccer career. To improve your technical soccer skills with the ball all you need is to get more touches on the ball. Simple right? Start planing sequences you can follow everyday. Draft a list of juggles you would like to execute and go for it. When the quarantine ends you will realize that your ball control has been skyrocketed. Try to always make progress each and every training session, whether it be reaching a higher number of juggles, or most importantly performing each and every touch in a controlled and intensional way. You want to be able to master your ability to position the ball in all kinds of ways with the power of your mind! It takes focus and it takes incremental practice and repetition. Practice make permanent!


Each player plays a fundamental role in his soccer position and your coach expects you get the job done. Take advantage of the quarantine and build a mental plan how you could give the best of your position to your soccer team. Write down a list of 2 or 3 movements your position demands and practice them at home. Being familiarized with typical drills will give you more comfort on the pitch when making a pass or scoring a goal.


With cable or internet giving us access to the best soccer leagues of the world it is almost a crime if you don’t watch top soccer league matches. Analyze how professional footballers play, how they move, how they move their body and how quickly they play. Are they playing 1 touch?  2 Touches? and so on. Focus on the game. Put your phone down for at least the 90 minutes of that match. Do you want to reach professional level? You must do your homework now because your competition is definitely working hard!

How to get better at soccer Psychologically?


Ok Ok. We are under lockdown and we must follow advice about social distancing but there are other ways to be immersed in a soccer community with common soccer aims. There you have forums on social media or youtube channels providing us valuable input on how to reach a higher level of soccer. It could sound cliche but if you don’t eat, sleep and breath soccer there are other skilled footballers that do.


Make your goals bigger than your excuses. It is incredible the amount of footballers that complain about the lack of opportunities to reach higher level leagues. The problem isn’t the lack of soccer tryouts near you, the truth is that to becoming a professional soccer player requires Intrinsic Motivation. As Wayne Harrison stated, “Success is not earned by practice alone, it is generated through intelligent hard work and an inner desire to be successful." Read books, ask for psychological “online” coaching and find your internal reward that will push you upward.

We hope this blog helps you to get better at soccer from different angles. Remember to pursue your dreams and take every opportunity life puts in front of you. If your are serious about starting or developing your soccer career in Europe do not hesitate to contact us. We definitely have a soccer program that fits your needs.

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