German club SK Lauf signs Pro Year IFX Goalkeeper Stuart Roosa


Former Florida Kraze Krush Goalie transfered to Germany

With the clsoing of the summer transfer window in Germany, our soccer agency in Nürnberg concluded our final transfer of our Pro Year players onto German teams for the season 2022-23. This past week our representatives in Germany concluded the transfer of the former Florida Kraze Krush Goalkeeper, Stuart Roosa (18) to the Bezirksliga team SK Lauf in the city of Lauf an der Pegnitz. “Stu” arrived to Nürnberg in July as part of our Pro IFX Year Germany program, and since his arrival has trained at our academy and had various soccer trials with different clubs in the region.

“I decided to come to Germany to see how I’d perform in Europe. The trial process was exciting and seeing my progress each week at different clubs was a big confidence booster. I trialed with ATSV Erlangen, SV Seligenporten, and finally SK Lauf. I finally signed for Lauf and the level is very high. I am tested every practice and I love it. I only have started one game but getting that experience was crazy,” Stuart stated.

american goalkeeper in germany

Even during pre-season Roosa was given the opportunity to play some friendly matches as a guest player with a few different teams. Stu has adapted quickly to his new club and is now settling with the SK Lauf 1st team for Bezirksliga Mittelfranken Nord and will be competing for the starting keeper spot with Markus Kaiser. We as Stu’s education / soccer agency believe SK Lauf are excited for the opportunity Stu has been given to play for SK Lauf and acquire “German fußball” aptitude, and continue with his football development in Germany.

germany soccer goalkeeper

The season has begun and they already have three wins and 2 defeats after the first five games. SK Lauf has to fine tune their own defense. On average, the team received more than two goals per game. With ten points from eight games, SK Lauf is currently in the middle of the table.

soccer goalie in germany

Stuart like all other Pro Year players study German language at our partner language institute in Nürnberg and complement his club training obligations with extra goalkeeper training sessions at our soccer academy in Fürth. “The teammates are super nice and welcoming, and they are helping me acclimate to German life. I like the players at IFX, they all help each other in every scenario." We from IFX Soccer are happy to have Stu with us and wish him all of the success this season with SK Lauf.

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