FSV Erlangen-Bruck U19s sign Colorado high school grad Cory Thomsen


It's official! Cory Thomsen (17) has been signed by FSV Erlangen-Bruck U19s to compete this 2022-23 season in the U19 Landesliga Bayern Nord. Cory came from his native Ridgway, Colorado to Nürnberg as part of our Pro IFX Year Germany program and underwent trials with FSV Erlangen-Bruck U19s and SpVgg Ansbach U19s. Both clubs showed interest in adding Thomsen to their rosters but ultimately Cory made the tough decision to sign with FSV Erlangen-Bruck's U19 team. “I am very happy with my new club, as they have nice fields to play on, and the overall atmosphere of the club is friendly but motivating at the same time” Cory stated.

“I made the decision to come to Germany, because I felt that it was the best way achieve my goal of becoming a Pro Soccer Player and playing at the highest level of Europe soccer. IFX gave me the opportunity to come to Germany and achieve that goal, without IFX I don’t know what I would have done”.

americans playing in Germany

Before coming to Germany Cory played high school soccer for Ridgway Secondary School, and despite having a small team they always put up a good fight against stronger schools, stated Thomsen. “I loved playing for my high school, the coaches, the players, and the atmosphere was just excellent. I would not change a thing. They have greatly inspired me to become the best soccer player I can be."


Thomsen is working hard in expanding his knowledge and improving his soccer to adjust to the German game. With IFX Soccer academy coaches he is receiving extra coaching in aspects such us: Tactical, Positioning and shooting fundamentals in our soccer academy in Fürth. Cory already had the opportunity to get his first minutes on field during his last match against TSV Ebermannstadt ending up with a 3-5 victory for his team. “The players and staff have been very welcoming, as they help me with the language barrier. I am very happy to be playing for FSV”, he stated.

As a part of Pro Year Germany – a program that enables student footballers to live, study and play soccer in Germany – Thomsen attends a German Language School in Nürnberg. Reaching fluency in the German language will enable Cory to not only break the language barrier with his new teammates but also navigate in German society and culture on a daily basis which is the corner stone of our different programs around the world.

Cory's first game for FSV Erlangen-Bruck in Germany


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