IFX players training & compete with SG Quelle Fürth U19 | Haley Fiske


Fürth, Germany. Pro IFX player Haley Fiske (18), a native of San Francisco and who arrived in Nürnberg the past June to participate in the Pro IFX Year Germany program has been signed by the SG Quelle Fürth, a German soccer club located in the city of Fürth region of Bavaria, to play this 2017-18 season in their U19´s squad led by the experienced coach Werner Scholl. The signing came after a careful evaluation from the staff of the club and after IFX representatives reached an agreement with club´s managers.

SG Quelle Fürth is regarded as a top youth club in the Nürnberg/Fürth region, and known for being a firm believer in blooding fledgling talent. Many players have come and gone from the two local professional clubs: 1.FC Nürnberg and SpVgg Greuther Fürth. Their U19 team compete in the Bayernliga, the second tier behind the U19 Bundesliga (which is the top division for youth in Germany).

Looking for a soccer academy in Europe, the center back decided to come to IFX´s Soccer Academy in Germany because of “Germany has best soccer in world” and according to his aspirations of learning German style of play: “I want to reach the next level as a soccer player and get my full potential from this experience” he said. Haley is a strong player that commands back line with an easiness to play short passes as well as precise long ball, a quality that impressed to his new German club for sure.

The former SC GALAXY 99B´s player is working intensively in the IFX Soccer Academy during morning sessions to complement his club training and game obligations that are part of a big transition from American Soccer to playing on a high competitive level in Germany. To play for SG Quelle Fürth is a big responsibility that we are sure Haley will be able to live up to.

We from IFX are very happy and proud about Haley development, having him in our program, helping him to play soccer and live his dream in Germany. If you would like to play soccer in Germany yourself and experience a highly competitive training environment, please do not hesitate to contact us right away – we are happy to help you to fulfill this dream! Find it out more at: https://ifxsoccer.comsoccer-training-programs/pro-ifx-year/germany-pro-year/overview/

  • IFX partner club SG Quelle is well regarded as a feeder for some of the pro clubs in the area.
  • SG Quelle counts with excelent facilities and Gym opened everyday.

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