Pro Goalkeeper Jon Faerber: “My time in Germany was absolutely game changing”


Jonathan Mark Faerber (32), is a highly skilled goalkeeper who has been playing professional soccer for the past few years. A few years ago, the native of Sydney, Australia landed spot in the Icelandic Premier League after many international stints after his youth career in Australia, moving then on to playing in England, Scotland and Wales and then to a career in South America (Chile) and Germany.

Our first contact with Jon was in June 2013 when he moved to Germany to with our Pro Year Germany program, entrusting IFX Soccer with the responsibility of managing him as a player and dealing with all the other necessary components of playing abroad, such as school, accommodations, visas and local guidance and support.  Jon was placed with various semi pro soccer tryouts in Bayern region and was ultimately signed by semi pro German soccer club FSV Erlangen-Bruck where his German adventure started.

The Aussie Goalkeeper in Germany

For Jon, to play soccer in Germany was not only an opportunity to try something new but an experience that would change his game. To play first for FSV Erlangen-Bruck in the tough fifth division and then transferring to 1860 Rosenheim who then competed in the fourth division Regionalliga, both very good levels of football in Germany, was an eye opening experience. No doubt Germany produces outstanding goalkeepers but one thing that really stood out to Jon was the German Mentality. As Jon stated: "Discipline plus extreme amount of effort" is something that German football has ingrained.

Jon is an incredible professional footballer and an even better person. That is why we were pleased to interview him and share with our community his experiences along the way to play pro soccer and his advice for young footballers who want to make soccer their career.

Interview with Pro Goalkeeper Jonathan Faerber

  • "IFX played an enormous role in helping me get my start in European football"

We from IFX Soccer appreciate the time Jon dedicated to answering our questions and wish him the best of luck in his pro soccer career as well as his new life in Iceland. At the same time we invite young footballers to follow Jon's advice: "Work hard, look up yourself, sleep well, listen to your coaches and take opportunities. You do not have any idea how much is out there waiting for you!"

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