Allentown United FC player Francis Barilo signed by FC Ottensoos in Germany


The Freshman Desales University (NCAA) and former Allentown United FC player, Francis Barilo (19) and Delaware native recently signed to play the 2020-21 season with FC Ottensoos in the German Bezirksliga Mittelfranken Nord. The team led by Lukas Gerstacker have recruited a talented squad of German players from the area and added Barilo as an August signee to strengthen the midfield. Francis tried out with three different German clubs in the Nürnberg area including SVG Steinachgrund, Baiersdorfer SV and FC Ottensoos. After careful consideration and IFX guidance, Francis agreed to sign for Ottensoos.

Pro 30 Day

One year ago, Francis was looking for soccer trials in Europe, and discovered that IFX has soccer trials in Germany. He decided to take part of our Pro 30 Day program. After having a challenging month of training and trials last summer, this year he decided that the best way to try to achieve his goal to play professional soccer was moving to Europe.

Francis is well integrated into his team and now into his routine of University life, reenforcing his decision to join the Pro IFX Year Germany, a unique program in Germany that enables players to train with our soccer academy in Nürnberg and compete for a German soccer club while continuing with their higher education. Most days of the week Francis trains at the academy focusing on the technical as well as the physical side of the German game alongside professional soccer trainers while he also fulfills his club’s obligations in the evenings three times a week.

Video interview

Francis is a multifaceted technical player who fits well as center midfielder, right winger or right back. His work ethic and commitment contribute to his continuous improvement. You can see Francis being one of the earliest to arrive on the training ground and staying after training spending extra time mastering his ball control. He enjoys playing simple and puts a major focus on ball possession. We are sure he will be a great asset for Ottensoos this season.

  • The 2020-21 season gets back next weekend and FC Ottensoos is heading to face SV Ermreuth for the German DFB Pokal championship

“It was good to finally play in a match with FC Ottensoos after training with them for a few weeks. It felt good to help create scoring chances and play a full 90 minutes for the first time since March before coronavirus,” stated Francis. The 2020-21 season gets back next weekend and FC Ottensoos is heading to face SV Ermreuth for the German DFB Pokal championship. We from IFX Soccer wish Francis and his teammates the best of luck in their start to the season.

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