Interview with youth soccer player Haley Fiske


Fürth, Germany. After one year playing for SG Quelle Fürth, the Californian soccer player and Pro IFX Germany program participant Haley Fiske tells us about his experience playing for one of the most popular German soccer clubs in Bayern region and how demanding training in Germany is. Among other subjects, Haley confessed he felt really welcomed at SG Quelle Fürth and integrated quickly to become a part of the team. He describes German soccer style as lots of passing, not making too many touches, and as a center back, he needs to be loud and command the team. This season has surely helped him to master that defensive mind and hard-work that characterizes him.

Living a year in Germany could be hard for some. Haley has told us how it was being far from home participating in our long-year-soccer-program: "At first it was not too hard, like the first three weeks or so, everything is new. It is fun to live in a foreign country. Then I started to miss home, miss my family and my friends. I think it was a kind of hard but in a soccer it was a lot easier because when I was playing I was not really thinking ...Ohhh I miss them! I think soccer is a kind of escape and did me easier focus on soccer and really make the time go by faster just be active and not really reminiscence and thinking in home and just playing. IFX played a huge role on have a home for me here in Germany.

  • “At first it was not too hard, like the first three weeks or so, everything is new. It is fun to live in a foreign country"

As for SG Quelle Fürth U19´s team, they compete in the Bayernliga, the second tier behind the U19 Bundesliga (which is the top division for youth in Germany). SG Quelle Fürth is regarded as a top youth club in the Nürnberg/Fürth region, and known for being a firm believer in developing top talent. Many players have come and gone from the two local professional clubs: SpVgg Greuther Fürth and 1.FC Nürnberg. An excellent showcase for any young soccer player who aspires to reach higher leagues in Europe.

We from IFX are very proud about Haley's development, and share with you his soccer experience in Germany with Pro IFX Year program. If you would like to play soccer in Germany yourself and experience a highly competitive training environment, please do not hesitate to contact us right away – we are happy to help you to fulfill this dream! Call Us Today to +1 510-599-4625

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