Seligenporten signs Californian soccer player Andreas Bauer for 2018-19


Pyrbaum, Germany. IFX Representatives in Germany and managers of Bayernliga Nord club SV Seligenporten have completed the signing of North American midfielder Andreas Bauer. The 20-year-old arrives at Mar Arena as part of Pro IFX Year Germany program (exclusive IFX program which allows you to learn German language in Germany while you develop your soccer abilities playing with a real German Football Club). The Californian has put pen to paper for 2018-19 season after successfully completing his trial period with Die Klosterer at the end of the Summer Transfer Market in Germany. The versatile Bauer spent last season playing for North Coast FC in California as a midfielder and has already had several appearances in both friendly and league fixtures with SV Seligenporten early this season. He has earned the trust of Chief Trainer Hendrik Baumgart who is glad to add another talented IFX player to his roster.

Coming from a German background and having some German spoken in the home as a child, Andreas chose the Pro Year Germany program because it will enable him to focus intensively on learning the German language, through study at an intensive German language school, and polish up his already seeded German language knowledge. He confesses the German Language is really hard but he started an intensive German Language course 4 days per week in the IFX partner German Language Institute in Nuremberg as part of the Year-long program with IFX Soccer. German Language knowledge is an incredible advantage in the future workplace. It also clearly is very important for day to day social communication while in Germany and enhances a student/player's integration performance on the field with teammates and coaching staff when it comes to tactics and general communication.

For over 6 years Andreas has played competitive soccer back home and he dreams to continue his career in Europe. He wants to reach and play at his full potential, whatever level that brings him to. He is aware that even fifth division in Germany is a huge challenge but also an enormous opportunity that will demand him to be disciplined and work harder than ever. He recognizes SV Seligenporten as the highest level soccer club he ever competed for but this just challenges him and “makes him ten times better than he was before”. But he is quite sure he will succeed in Germany and fit right in with his new German soccer club. So far he has lived up to this.

Andrea´s new routine in Germany requires that he wake up at 8 am, make his own breakfast and go by foot to the IFX Soccer Academy morning session in Fürth alongside his housemates - The IFX training is an additional program feature that IFX soccer offers to their participants to introduce them to the German style - Once practice is over, he takes the bus or U-ban to the IFX partner German Language Institute, then back to home, rests and prepares for his evening training with SV Seligenporten. Most weekdays are the same but weekends allow him to discover Nürnberg and its outskirts ensuring a nourishing experience of Studying, Living and playing soccer abroad.

  • He recognizes SV Seligenporten as the highest level soccer club he ever competed.
  • The IFX training is an additional program feature that IFX soccer offers to their participants to introduce them to the German style.

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