What are High Performance Soccer Academies?


High performance Football or Soccer academies (as they are known in United States) are international boarding schools for youth footballers who have the potential to become professional soccer players. Student athletes live, train, and study at these soccer academies during the academic year, resulting in the optimal combination of football and school, working to achieve a player's full potential. The High Performance Academy Program is operated by renowned and sometimes professional team soccer academy staff, which follows the same training methodology used by first teams in their training sessions.

High Performance Soccer Academies are strict with both training and education to ensure that students are prepared for their futures both on and off the field. The Academy Staff provide guidance with their academic work via after school homework hours and individual tutoring, weekly feedback discussions at school or at the academy residence, education and training for competition and competitive thinking, training in social competencies and emphasizing a healthy lifestyle for sport.

Who is a High Performance Soccer Academy for?

The ideal candidate to enroll in a High Performance Soccer Academy is a youth soccer player who plays at a competitive level of soccer in their local league. Youth footballers take part in an intensive professional soccer training program and receive a unique  education internationally. At the same time, they compete next to other local and international players in the highest regional level competitions enabling those who exhibit exceptional levels to have the opportunity for trials with professional clubs.

Since high performance soccer academies are so flexible with their education options, they accept a wide range of ages.

For example IFX German Residential Football Academy is for players from the ages of 13 – 18 and allows athletes to continue on track with their high-school studies. On the other hand, IFX International Soccer Academy in Valencia is geared toward competitive high school aged or young adult footballers (16+) who look for a soccer development academy with option to study Spanish language or finish High School studies in Spain.

For those who wants to make soccer their life career, Portsmouth FC IoW (a professional football club from Portsmouth, England, currently competing in England’s League 1) offers a program with more of a vocational education and sports focus, The Isle of Wight College's BTEC Football Development Program. This educational diploma is the equivalent in England to graduating from high school, and renders recipients of the A level diploma eligible for studying at Universities in the UK.

What is a typical day like at a high performance soccer academy?

From Monday to Friday, the students follow an organized time table. The day is divided into three primary parts: classes, training, and rest. Each weekday, before classes or after players have returned from school, licensed coaches conduct their training sessions at various times according to the age group.

Once per week, in addition to the players football training, the academy players attend mandatory swimming workouts that vary in nature depending upon the time of the season: Regeneration, stretching, stabilization, endurance, or purely having some fun. The fitness studio/weight room is also available at all times for use by players of U17 age group or older.

Weekends generally entail match days (except for breaks in season like winter and Easter), where the teams prepare for their matches through team meetings, motivational talks, proper nutrition and ensuring proper sleep times.

Sundays are centered around preparing for the new week of school, and allowing free time for players to socialize, and some soccer schools organize excursions so that students can explore the city where the academy is located and its surrounding areas.

Should I attend a High Performance Soccer Academy?

If you are serious about playing soccer professionally and you and your parents believe it is the right time to take your soccer to the next level, Yes you should! Many outstanding players fall by the wayside when it comes to being totally dedicated to training and playing in order to grow consistently in soccer. High Performance Soccer Academies are the right answer to those with the objective of becoming professional soccer players without neglecting their education.

These soccer schools in England, Spain or Germany combine an intensive professional soccer player training program with ongoing high school studies to prepare the students to enter universities or join the work force. If you have any doubt about how to find the perfect high performance soccer academy for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to support you with extensive information and a very customized program. Let's Talk!

Choose the best international soccer immersion program combining international education and football!

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