Should I join an international soccer – football Academy?


Is it really necessary to join to a soccer academy overseas? This is a difficult question to answer that many soccer players may have asked themselves on multiple occasions. It is not just a player´s concern, but a question many parents also have to face at some point. This article will present you with some information to decide if investing in joining an international football academy is really worth it or not.

In words of Nicolae Popescu (Former NCAA D1 full-scholarship student-athlete) “In the United States the soccer pyramid system is based on a pay-to-play model so parents are constantly looking to make the best investment in their players and maximize their learning experience”. Based on this statement, we will all agree, that parents are totally aware of the importance to boost their children´s soccer career being part of a soccer academy, but what really makes a football academy the best?

According Will Parchman, in his article “How They Rank: The best MLS academies” one of the principal criteria to rank a soccer academy is, “that the player moves to bigger things and no longer be an active part of the academy.” This either involves getting the youth soccer player to sign a contract with the first team or to be transferred to another club, and being active and expecting new opportunities while he continues competing.

The previous point prompts us to consider the fact that it is not the same to attend ta US soccer academy versus a soccer academy in England or a football academy in Brazil. Each country brings their own style to the game. A soccer academy in Brazil may emphasize the 1 on 1 game and gives more freedom to improvization and fluidity. In contrast, the fast attack and reliance on attack-minded players distinguishes UK´s game from other countries.

Countries that have proven to be effective gaining titles throughout their footballing history are Germany, Brazil, Spain, England and Italy. It is not just because their soccer players are good enough but their success is totally related to their soccer-oriented culture and the development of quality infrastructure, philosophy and style of game that they embrace on and off the pitch, and a reality that their football academies are not exempt from.

  • One of the principal criteria to rank a soccer academy is, “that the player moves to bigger things and no longer be an active part of the academy".

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