Youth Soccer program in Borussia Lindenthal-Hohenlind | Henry Volkmann


Köln, Germany. Looking for the high level soccer that Germany can offer, Henry E. Volkmann (17) a native of Missouri (USA) decided to enroll in the Youth Year IFX Germany program and be part of our international soccer training academy in Europe. "I want to play football in college/professionally and I admire Germany for its mentally. Naturally Germany would be the pinnacle of places in the world to train to achieve my goals". Henry, who played this past season for Lou Fusz-Van Buskirk (MRL Premier) where he ended up as a top scorer of the team, has integrated well into the SC Borussia Lindenthal-Hohenlind squad after successfully completing his trial period.

SC Borussia Lindenthal-Hohenlind is a German association football club based in the Lindenthal-Hohenlind district of Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia. Founded in 1928, the history of the club consists largely of play in the local Kreisklasse leagues, a steady focus on its youth sides, the first men´s team currently playing in the Bezirksliga Mittelrhein 1. In 2008 not only the first and third men's team but also the A-, B- and C-Youth teams were all promoted to the next division.

Henry plays as a right forward with his biggest weapon – Speed. He is not just very fast on sprinting but a very technical player, always taking on goalie one-to-one or crossing the field opening the right position. He feels confident and challenged and describes this experience like “unbelievable”. 

"My German club is wonderful they embody quality football and good people. My teammates have pushed me harder than I thought was possible. The German soccer is extremely fast and defensively/physically is much more intense".

Henry is enjoying to the maximum the beauty of European winter not only in Germany but Spain too, where recently he traveled with his host family to Fuerteventura and enjoyed 10 days in paradise.

On the other hand, Henry stated that IFX has given him the position to experience playing in a different country and further his football skills and he would definitely recommend this program only  to those mentally/emotionally stable and strong enough. 

"I strive to start more and earn more playing time. I plan to return to America to further my career in college in a D1 school".

Being immersed in a challenging football environment we look forward with confidence to a very successful season for him in his new German team.

Studying and playing soccer overseas, learning a new language and being totally immersed in a rich culture like Germany, it is an indescribable experience that will stay with you throughout your life. Live this experience with us. We have more than 14 years experience enabling young soccer players from around the world to tackle a higher step in their soccer career and to have a transforming life experience.

  • Henry played past season for Lou Fusz-Van Buskirk (MRL Premier) where ended up as a top scorer of the team.

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