Are International Soccer Camps Worth it?


For prospective professional soccer players looking work their way towards playing in top level leagues, all kinds of soccer training at the highest level possible is a must but the question is: Are International Soccer Camps Worth it? We as parents of a soccer player, as the main supporters of our children's dreams and as the principal sponsors of their soccer ambitions, this is a question that arises every year when summer is around the corner.

When it comes to summer soccer camps for kids, most parents turn to local clubs or the nearest soccer academy in town. When it comes to World class soccer camps, every body turns to Europe. England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany host the best youth soccer camps since most of their professional soccer teams offer this unique opportunity for international student - athletes to not only experience the training of their soccer academies and first teams but also the philosophy behind their global success.

There is no doubt that football is the number one sport in the world and definitely international youth summer soccer camps is the perfect occasion to guarantee your children a life-changing experience where boys and girls will interact with footballers from all around the world, giving them the opportunity to meet a variety of people and learn about diverse cultures and different ways of life all while playing the beautiful game.

It is true that attending an elite soccer camp can be a major investment of both time and money, so it's crucial for players and parents to choose the best campus which enables the maximum soccer and life experience. We recommend engaging in a conversation with your child about his/her expectation since not all Official Elite Soccer Clubs Youth Summer Soccer Camps are the same.

One of the first places to consider would certainly be England. British Soccer Camps commonly encompass real state-of-the-art facilities making the practice of soccer a dream. Football Camps like Chelsea FC Foundation soccer Schools in London, the Manchester City Football performance program - held at the City Football Academy training facility in Manchester - or the world famous Nike Football Camps - well know for its great youth soccer development programs, are all extraordinary opportunities for youth from around the globe to experience quality international soccer training orchestrated by some of the top European professional football clubs and their soccer camps in England.

Spain is also a great option when it comes to soccer camps this 2020. Fundación Real Madrid Campus Experience offers a wide range of options for international players in both overnight soccer camps and sleep away soccer camps, both which include at no extra charge soccer goalie camps as part of the general program. Other international camps in Madrid that leave participants smiling are Real Federación Española de Futbol (RFEF) and Atletico de Madrid Soccer Camps.

  • For boys and girls who already attended international camps with IFX, the answer to all soccer-camp questions is simple: They want to go back!

We could elaborate extensively about each European country that boast top-level professional soccer clubs, but the IFX partner clubs offering summer camps are uniquely open to all levels of players with the sole goal of developing and making better footballers and better global citizens. Anyone who embarks on a summer camp adventure not only gets unique and authentic training opportunities but also will enjoy all of the extra activities which will make this summer unforgettable. For all of these reasons we can undoubtedly say that enrolling in an International Soccer Camp this summer will be Worth it! For boys and girls who already attended international camps with IFX, the answer to all soccer-camp questions is simple: They want to go back!

Choose the best international soccer immersion program combining international education and football!

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