What you should consider when it comes to Girl Soccer Camps?


Girls Soccer Summer Camps

Girls are taking over the world of soccer and it was demonstrated during the last edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup where the US Women's National Team achieved its 4th title. Certainly, soccer is becoming more and more famous and popular among young women and thus it is not uncommon to see girl soccer players in their cleats at the most renowned summer soccer camps, perfecting their skills and learning from some of the greatest soccer academy teams around the world. But when it comes to Girl Soccer Camps parents always need to consider extra points. We from IFX wanted to share with you what you should consider when it comes to Girl Soccer Camps and ensure you take the best decision.

Boys and Girls are not the same

In Europe, as professional clubs have started investing in girls soccer teams and girls soccer camps, it is becoming increasingly common to find girls camps strictly focusing on developing their soccer abilities without having to mix groups - common in the past - so we recommend to be sure and read the small text of the flyer when a club offer a soccer program for girls.

Female staff members

As the title suggests these summer camps are dedicated only to train girls soccer players who want to improve their soccer skills over a period of one or two weeks. These camps are highly dedicated in what they do and provide girls with a chance to become efficient players while they train in physical as well as mental fitness. We strongly recommend camps with female staff to support girl's unique needs especially during overnight summer camps.

Beginner or Advanced

A Summer soccer camp can be a source of fond childhood memories for many people. While some young female footballers are looking for an opportunity to get some fun running behind the ball, others see this more like an opportunity to take their abilities to the next level. It is important when choosing a camp for your daughter, to understand the difference between sport camps for all levels of players and those aimed to high-performance players who are in many cases pursuing soccer as their life career.

Safety first

Most of the international summer soccer camps offered by professional clubs take place in the same facilities their soccer academies train and sometimes even stay in the same residence professional players use before a match. Considering all the investment behind these big name soccer clubs, the security is beyond question. Furthermore, during each training session, access to medical staff if needed is an important consideration.

Learn a new language

Taking part in an international Girls Soccer camp is a big opportunity to be immersed into a new culture and language. Most of the Girls summer soccer camps IFX represents in Europe offer the option to study the local language taught by high-qualified native teachers and to put into practice what you have learned in your daily soccer training session.

Last but not least, it is crucial to learn how successful has the camp been in previous seasons. You don’t want to send your girl to a soccer camp that other girls don’t like. Do not apologize for asking questions and do not be shy to contact an official Summer Soccer Camp representative. Here at IFX we will be happy to support you with all the necessary information to make the best decision.

Choose the best international soccer immersion program combining international education and football!

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