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Undoubtedly many questions come to mind when considering studying abroad. Questions such as what is the perfect place to study abroad? How to fit into the host culture? Which country offers you the best opportunity to develop and mature? All of these questions lead to the same subject, “The country” which will host you during this new exciting journey in the path of your personal and professional development. The country you decide on will be crucial, with it’s technology, recognised level of education, facilities and above all, how warm-hearted the people are, to make you feel at home, and certainly Germany is incredibly good at all of these aspects.

There are certainly stereotypes of Germans that they are not so open and friendly, but from our personal experience as well as our participants’ opinions, we could say that is only a stereotype. Germans are like a “bread roll” – a little hard on the outside, but when you get through the crust they are really warm, soft and great people.

It is no wonder that Germany is listed as the third most popular destination among international students in the world. More than twelve percent of students at German universities come from abroad and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide. Germany is an attractive place to study and German education literally opens doors to the world for you. Germany undoubtedly helps you to integrate into the global community and encourages you to achieve higher goals.

If you are looking for a suitable program or University abroad, we want to share with you some reasons to Study and Live in Germany. This is a summary of reasons we gathered from IFX participants’ experiences during their last year’s program in Germany studying a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Management with the IFX partner Business School.Without further ado, we answer to the question Why Study in Germany?

Old Continent, New Nation

Germany is a perfect place for young people, there are lots of activities to do there. Germany is blessed with beautiful lakes, mountains, historical buildings, parks to spend time and lively cities where you can get to know new people from different cultures every day and enjoy a terrific nightlife. You will find friends very quickly, not only from Germany but from many other countries too.

Cost of living

Compared to other European countries, the cost of living in Germany is quite reasonable. You will need around 300 euros a month to cover your living expenses (accommodation is included on IFX Program´s cost). Our Participants live in shared apartments completely furnished located near to the College Campus making the commute easier, reachable by metro, bus or even on foot or by bicycle. Preparing and cooking your own meals is another way to save money, money that then you could use to afford taking day-trips – get on a train and in just two hours you are in the Alps!

Good Neighbors

Germans are very kind and helpful. They are pleased if you can speak the German language but they also speak English and enjoy showing how good their English is. In general, Europeans can be distinguished by their love for outdoor activities like swimming, bicycling, fishing or hiking so it is pretty important for students to integrate into German society and participate in these activities to better understand their culture and meet lots of people quickly.

Top-notch Education

Our degree program is top-rated and the quality is recognized around the world. In Germany you will find a lot of facilities and this can help you to develop your ideas and your studies giving you excellent prospects in the global labor market. German Universities offer excellent teaching and research, ranking among the best in the world. All you need to do is try your best and learn as much as possible.

Safety First

In comparison with other countries, Germany is a safe country. In town or in the countryside, by day or by night, you can move around freely. Germany offers economic and political stability, which makes it an ideal place for you to Live and Study. Another noteworthy asset is public transportation, which functions like clockwork. It´s generally very precise and very convenient. Germans are really well organised and very punctual. This adds benefits to you daily and contributes to a safe stay in Germany.

Experience the World´s Culture

If you want to experience the world, Germany is just far enough away to do that. The country offers a great multicultural study experience, bringing together cultures from all over the world. If you like to travel, come and enjoy Germany and its close proximity to other European countries. We highly recommend that you take this opportunity to Live and Study in Germany– The right choice for you!

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